Programs - P3

Greenlight Shooter Program


Shooting opens up so many possible solutions in the game of basketball. Being a consistent shooter from everywhere on the court opens up driving lanes & makes you harder to guard on defense. However, shooting is a skill that many struggle to master & this negatively impacts their long-term playing ability. In this development package, student-athletes will be equipped with strategies to improve their shooting ability from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Shooting percentages, confidence towards making shots in games, & the ability to form independent solutions will all improve at the end of these sessions.
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Programs - P3 - Scoring

Scoring Program


What was your first introduction to the game of basketball? If playing on a hoop with the goal being to score every time was, then we are in the same boat. Now, be honest with yourself – When you play the game, do you look to score first every single time? Or do you look to pass before scoring? The game of basketball should be played with a “score first” mentality, not a “pass first” mentality. Why? Defenders will quickly recognize your inability to score, which will make you and your team easier to defend. If you don’t have the confidence to create an open shot for yourself, then this training package is for you.

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Programs - P3 - Ball Screening

Ball Screen Program


The screen & roll is one the most common actions used for offensive players to get a high percentage shot opportunity. Basketball players are often taught a couple of the reads to effectively score off a screen & roll, but end up in difficult situations when those reads are not there or are not utilized in a timely manner. This development package is for student-athletes who need to develop their ability to successfully play out of ball screens.
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