The Simcoe United Spartans provide everything a player would want to help them prepare for post-secondary basketball.

A talented roster, competitive practices in the great facilities, quality coaching, a competitive schedule with exposure to college and university coaches, recruiting tools, film/stat breakdown services, interactive playbooks, and a fair commute.

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  • 2-3 training session per week (periodized for adequate rest/rejuvenation).
  • Competitive environment with a focus on player development, small sided games & 5v5 scenarios.

Quality Coaching

  • Experienced and knowledgeable coaches.
  • Background checked.
  • Implementation of skills and style of play that is transferable to post-secondary basketball

Quality Competition

  • CNPH Showcase, CYBL Premier, National Senior/Junior Circuit
  • Live-Period AAU Events, Team Camps

Great Facilities

  • We strive to train in the best high school, college, & community center facilities.

IMPACT Mentorship Program

  • Connecting former players and successful community members that are eager to share their passion of basketball and the life lessons they learned with our current athletes.
  • Provide perspective for life after basketball.


  • Our kids deserve the best! We want our kids to be proud of Simcoe United and outfit them appropriately. We “look good, feel good, & play great!”

Organized Communication

  • Industry leading communication, scheduling, & payment software.
  • Detailed Player/Parent Handbook.
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Interactive Playbook 

  • Digital playbook to interact with plays, sets, concepts, and theories with supporting video for improved learning.
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Recruitment Support

  • A platform where college coaches can connect with student-athletes and facilitate their own recruitment process. We also teach athletes how to use this platform effectively and get the most out of it.
  • Our Directors have relationships at the post-secondary level and work hard to help find the best fit both academically & athletically for our athletes.
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Game Film

  • Film breakdown service that can “tag” clips from uploaded game film.
  • Highlight Reels: Athletes can create highlight reels to use in the recruiting process.
  • Stats/Analytics: Athletes/coaches have data to drive player/team development.
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