How do I know that this team is for me/my athlete?

If you are serious about your game and want to play at the next level, then this program is for you. 

When does the season run?

The AAU season and regular season run at different times. The regular season runs from September-February & the AAU season runs from March-August.

I am a new player, are these training sessions for me?

Simcoe United Spartans teams are geared toward a more experienced player. However, the programs at Next Level Basketball are perfect for the up-and-coming player in terms of skill development. The Barrie Royals provide opportunities for athletes and would likely be a better fit for someone new to the sport.

What kind of off-court skills helped you become better basketball players?

Understand that basketball is amazing for teaching you life skills but your education is the key to everything. If you value the student-athlete mentality, the rewards you will reap from the sport will go far into adulthood.

What lessons did you learn as players that you implement in your coaching?

We all learned that you should never stop learning. You learn best by playing the game in a variety of contexts. The game is constantly changing and so are the needs of the athlete.

How would you describe your coaching/training styles?

We create an interactive environment and guide the athlete to find their own answers and solutions. We balance physical, mental, and emotional training as well as teach coping strategies. Emotional intelligence and positive leadership are cornerstones in this training.

What would you teach your players besides basketball?

Accountability, leadership, emotional intelligence, and independent problem-solving.

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